Provide a platform for artists, wrestlers, performers, and activists to create and perform original work that disrupts the status quo and promotes values of social and environmental justice and the right to self-determination;

Provide opportunities for physical training and performative artistic practices (eg., theatre, pro-wrestling, etc…)

Commit to creating accessible and safer spaces in all its activities, especially for marginalized groups, within a perspective of continually developing and exploring what that implies;

Commit to reducing impacts on the environment and exploring ways to enhance mutuality in human-ecosystem relationships through our practices.



The live sci fi pro wrestling experience is coming to the screen.

 The adventures centre around two Venusian Spirit Sisters, Lilac and Ula. The battle hardy heroines fled their home planet as their separate societies succumbed to total corruption. Now on Earth, in so-called Montreal, they are wrestling their way through the same interplanetary politics, ready to do whatever it takes to protect their new home from the same singular forces that ripped Venus apart. We join them as they are fighting to set back the implementation of a dangerous quantum technology, the Illusion Machine. Powered by FamCorp, an intergalactic mining corporation, its effect threatens to upset inter-universal borders throughout the multiverse. Lilac and Ula will have to learn about the mysterious powers of diamonds in order to protect this fragile harmony.



Epic drama meets pro-wrestling.

There are many characters in our full-action fighting science fiction multi-verse. The format combines, unapologetically, fierce queer shakespearean grandeur, with a physical edge-of-the-seat pro-wrestling experience to make everyone enthralled.

The live shows feature a full musical score with original compositions, combined with electrifying visual projections that take the audience flying off with the action! 


© 2017 Earthbound

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